We are aware of our role in society and from the very beginning we provide maximum contribution to the community in which we operate. The company’s business culture is based on the highest standards of social responsibility. Our activities are focused on employees, society as a whole and environmental protection.


The most valuable resource of our company is our employees, so our primary task is to increase their satisfaction. We are making significant efforts to provide everyone with appropriate working conditions. We have organized our own transport of workers, hot meals in our restaurant where the most delicious local dishes are prepared, we regularly renew the personal protective equipment of all workers.
Occupational safety and health care of our employees are our priority. In addition, we implement numerous programs to empower our employees in starting a family and provide them with continuous support along the way.


Since its founding, our company has had continuous cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in terms of student scholarships and providing internships with the possibility of further development and employment. In order to support all young people, we have established cooperation with the Faculty of Occupational Safety in order to give their future engineers the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice.
We were among the first to join the Program “National Model of Dual and Entrepreneurial Education in Nis”. Investing in knowledge is never expensive. Our goal is to contribute to growth and employment, as well as better harmonization of economic and educational policy in Serbia.


Philanthropy in our company has a very long tradition. People are at the center of our attention and through the continuous process of giving, we are committed to a better and high-quality future. Giving is reflected in the form of financing various social initiatives, actions and projects, as well as in the form of donating material and financial goods to institutions and individuals.
We support humanity, solidarity and equality. We are participants in numerous environmental projects. We work on optimizing every detail in the production process in order to protect the environment and improve it. We strive to be a good example in the business world.