Development path

grown into a regional leader in the field of municipal equipment production, known for the fact that the cities and municipalities of our wider region can find in one place everything they need for impeccable cleanliness in order to protect the environment, in which we all live. A positive and successful business is also characterized by an increase in production volume every year, accompanied by an increase in the number of employees.
We cooperate very successfully with higher education institutions, among which we should emphasize the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Niš, which represents the basis for recruiting educated staff and stands out as our partner in numerous projects. We are proud of all the young people that have passed a certain training program and continued to build successfully their careers and their profession.
Resor d.o.o. has nowadays a rich intellectual property and a space of 5700 m/2, where there are three production plants. The office space extends to an additional 250 m/2, and the company’s continuous aspiration to provide the best possible working conditions will lead soon to the construction of a new modern administrative building.
Following the development of technologies and modern business trends, we also have a laboratory for radiographic testing with state-of-the-art equipment, a sandblasting chamber, as well as a vehicle painting chamber of 80 m/2.
Within the factory there are special parking spaces for guests, workers and freight vehicles, as well as a service channel for defect vehicles and their servicing. In addition, we also have a mini carwash and a special service vehicle equipped with tools to provide all kind of services in the field.
Since environmental protection is one of our priorities, we attach particular importance to the adequate treatment of the waste generated in the production process.
As part of care for employees, we also ensure transportation for our workers.

the production of 1.1 m/3 metal containers with metal and plastic cover, in order to round out the complete production program of utility equipment. The containers are made of high quality, deep pressed steel sheet, with an appropriate design in order to ensure safety and resistance to mechanical influences. Soon, this production line shall become recognizable on the market under the name Resor KONT.
Containers with this name are located in over 100 cities and municipalities across Serbia, as well as in Balkan countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

the development, production and sale of fittings AGH, which was founded in 1979 in Gadžin Han, became a full-fledged proud member of the RESOR d.o.o. Group and has been operating as an integral part of our company’s business unit ever since.
The company continues the existing production program of pipeline fittings and external elements, improves it and hires new workers, who will manufacture this products for the market under the name Resor AGH.
Fittings are used for the transport of various fluids such as: drinking water, industrial water up to a temperature of 250ºC, sea and salt water, waste water, oil and petroleum products, natural gas, flue gas, blast furnace gas, powder materials, pulp, etc. In addition to that, we produce industrial pipe fittings with diameters from DN 40 to DN 3000 mm and pressures from NP 2.5 to NP 64 bar. At the customer’s request, we can produce and deliver fittings with specific characteristics.

our company RESOR d.o.o. decided to position and market the entire existing production program of utility equipment under the new name Resor IKO.
The standard superstructures of garbage collecting vehicles, skip loaders, black water collecting vehicles, ADR tankers for water and petroleum products, special vehicles for piercing sewers, elevated working platforms… are installed on the chassis of world-renowned manufacturers: Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, DAF, Renault, Mitsubishi. In addition to the standard models, we design and build superstructure prototypes according to the specific requirements of our customers. We use tested components made by Kaiser Moro, Pretissoli, Parker, Woma, OMFB, Euro-P…

operations in 1992 as a company for the production of new and overhauled special superstructures for utility vehicles. The headquarters of the company are located in Gadžin Han, which is one of eleven municipalities in the Nišava administrative district. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Nis, at a distance of 18 km.
The production activities of the company began on a 600 m/2 surface with twelve workers and only three engineers.