Taking into account contemporary environmental trends, the mission of our company is to enable an ecologically clean and healthy environment in cooperation with its users and the community as a whole.


The vision of the company reflects the desired leadership position in the Western Balkans, which is achieved through the technological approximation to the quality standards of leading brands in the field of utility industry in Europe.


The main goals of the company consist in the continuous innovation with modern technological solutions, the expansion of our range of products and services, the increase of production capacity and engagement of new people as well as in the primary expansion of the market.


RESOR is a large family that nurtures togetherness and preserves traditional values through the strengthening of team spirit. Such values are reflected in the following values shown in the acronym of the company name.


The policy of development and successful business operation is based on one premise: professional, valuable and hard… work.


Our efficient operations lead to economical products in both, exploitation and practice, with an emphasis on ecology, because municipal waste management is one of the most important aspects of environmental conservation.


We are a domestic company with a long life span that, thanks to its age, market position and reputation, instills trust in its numerous customers, confirming thus its leading position in the region.


One of the pillars of sustainable development is ecology, as well as a healthy business and living environment, to which our production program contributes as the guiding idea of this activity.


Time is a key success factor. There are no limits to setting goals because the focus is always and only on results. With the necessary flexibility, we remain faithful to quality and respect for deadlines.